What provinces in Canada are locum friendly.

So you may be interested in doing a locum in Canada. You may be a a Canadian trained physician or an International Medical Graduate with time off through leave or vacation and are seeking a change and new environment to hone new skills and meet new colleages.  Not every province is locum friendly. The best provinces to pusue are those in Atlantic Canada, i.e. Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. Ontario is not really popular for locums unless you already have licensure in that province. Western Canada, i.e. Manitoba and Saskatchewan are the most friendly. We at PhysicianJobsCanada.com have done well in all the above mentioned provinces. and those not mentioned are very difficult if not impossible to get into for locums. For more informaiton of various specialties and family practice locum opportunities across Canada, contact Warren Bonnell at admin@physicianjobscanada.com or direct at 709.728.0049.