Innovative Family Practice Clinic Opens in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

This unique brand new medical clinic is conveniently located in Scarborough, Ontario. The Medical Centre offers a high volume family practice and walk-in clinic as well. There are six family physicians in place now that see upwards to 5,000 patients per month. And the clinic currently receives between 40 – 50 new patients per week. By December 1st, 2011 there will be an additional 1600 square feet to the clinic with a total of 18 exam rooms over 4000 square feet.
Features and set-up of this clinic are as follows:
• Competitive compensation, 65/35 Split plus HST.
• Flexible hours.
• Guaranteed minimum take home billing & patient volume (minimum of 4 patients per hour).
• On-site ECG, PFT, Allergy Testing, loop monitor, performed by staff, but billed by physicians (supervised).
• Friendly staff – Professionally managed.
• Paperless EMR Practice (Healthscreen).

The clinic offers the physician with an opportunity to join a Family Health Group(FHG) or a Family Health Organization(FHO). And the FHG physician receives a 25% bonus from the Ontario government for each rostered patient they treat. The FHO physicians roster/sign up patients and receive a standard amount each month from the Ontario government regardless of patient volume or which rostered patients are treated.
Available Incentives include:
• Moving allowance.
• An Upfront signing bonus.
• Hourly patient guarantee.
• A 100% split for a limited period – i.e. No overhead costs.

For more details on this unique opportunity in Scarborough, contact: